About Us

Catfish Construction is a complete site development company, specializing in drainage. We handle various levels of construction and phases associated with drainage

Our Story

Catfish was established in August 2017 by Rachel Holcomb. She started this company in the disaster aftermath of hurricane Irma. Running the business plus a truck and trailer, she has dumped more than 200 dumps of vegetation and debris in her first storm, while running her business from the field. The success of the first “job” allowed the purchase of her first machine and built the company with each project thereafter. By carefully managing suppliers, contractors, and the company’s finances, she was able to build a solid foundation that has not failed her yet.

She will credit those around her throughout the process of growth, oftentimes calling herself the underdog, with a perfect fight record. She has built a solid company based on ethics, and core values, instilled in her as a devil dog/former US Marine.

Catfish Team

Rachel Holcomb

As the President Rachel oversees all of the company’s many ventures; with a detailed understanding of the work site and administrative processes she serves as the eyes and ears of the company. She holds a BA in administration and management, and is also a military veteran of the Marine corps. She prides herself on her ability to enter an environment, assess deficiencies, comes up with adjustments, and innovate for improvement. The efficiency and quality that Catfish champions is a direct result of Rachel’s insistence on reinvesting in the crews and employees of the company.

Since this business started out as a self-ran operation with Rachel running her office in the backseat of her truck; Rachel not only knows the business but also the most resourceful paths forward. Her unique perspective of learning the skills of the trade through labor work before management eventually allowed her to build a crew that has since turned into a large-scale company. Rachel holds the company’s NASSCO pipe inspector certification and is SWPP certified, and OSHA certified, which allowed her to develop the company’s initial safety training. Rachel will soon hold the company’s utility contractor license.

A regular day in her life as President of Catfish Construction consists mostly of delegating and supporting. Rachel knows every fiber of the business and company, she states that she is “aware of all financial decisions and the goal of every project”. Every decision is made with the financial future and structure of the company in mind. A notable strength is her responsiveness and communication in business conversations. She is able to provide feedback and solutions, leaving no leaf unturned. The ability to prioritize paired with a strong work ethic is why she and her husband were able to take off and soar in the construction industry. With a strong faith in God, and one foot in front of the other, is how this business grew in just 5 short years.


A proud Gator alumni, Eric has a thorough understanding of the commercial and residential sides of the industry. He graduated in 1992 with a degree in building construction at UF, and has since spent 30 years in the industry honing his craft. The vice president of Catfish Construction now brings that experience from the business with him in his pursuits of business growth and software improvement. Eric prides himself on being a team player and regularly shares his knowledge from all sectors of the industry. He works as a contractor license qualifier for Catfish and holds a CGC license. Improvement and a growth mindset are important to him, and he is always looking for new opportunities, better ways to do business, and updating accounting systems and software. Due to his path he understands the importance of building a good foundation in order to grow into a stable, safe operation.


Christian works as the site supervisor, and is regularly onsite making sure that the project is fulfilled to the highest quality and in a timely manner. His ability to redesign, redirect, and engineer solutions to problems as they appear set him apart from others. Christian is very cautious to ensure safety and longevity of projects. His straightforward manner allows him to efficiently supervise the site and get the job done. The site supervisor has been working in construction for over 20 years; he is experienced in site development, land clearing, underground utilities, and disaster relief. His onsite knowledge stems from a foundation of labor work which has contributed to a deeper understanding of how projects work and what standard to aim for. He understands the importance of being a team player and takes this knowledge to lead within the company.

– Padi Diver
-SWPP Certified
– Advanced MOT
– OSHA 30
– Confined Space Certified


Steve serves as the Senior Project Manager and has been working with Catfish for a little over a year. He is an Air Force veteran and has been in the business for 15 years, spending most of that time in Laborers’ Union. During his time in the union he worked on site with tasks pertaining to things such as underground utilities and asphalt pavement installation. While working as a punch out foreman, Steve was noticed for his above and beyond attitude and started supporting the project management team. After three years of hard work, he is now the company’s lead project manager. A big believer in site safety and lifelong learning he is currently working on his BA in OSHA. He is currently certified in OSHA 10, OSHA 30, a certified SWPP inspector, and holds an advanced MOT certification. He is dedicated to learning and bringing back his newfound knowledge to improve the company. Steve is responsible for all of the company’s up to date job specific safety plans, company safety programs, jobsite analysis, and daily crew safety meetings. He is finishing up his OSHA 500 certification which will allow him to be the company’s sol safety instructor and train each individual in both the field and the office to be aware of current OSHA safety protocol.

-SWPP Certified
– Advanced MOT
– OSHA 30
– Confined Space Certified


With 12 years of corporate management experience, Casey serves as the project coordinator for Catfish Construction. Starting her career in medical management, Casey gained valuable skills in project management which allow her to ensure that the schedule, budget, and tasks of projects are all organized and executed within a reasonable timeframe. Casey’s proactive approach to logistics allows for a smooth construction process as well as an organized office environment. Her transition from management to construction coordination was marked by months of working on sites of Catfish projects. This unique perspective allows Casey to understand exactly what takes place during all phases of a job in order to ensure the highest quality possible. In addition to on-site work, Casey works on the administrative side assisting in accounts management and project planning.

• OSHA 30
• SWIFT certified


As a business owner of 35 years Maggie understands how a business must operate and how to manage an office. She has been the office manager of Catfish Construction for 3 years, and during this time she has provided invaluable insight to the administrative staff from her experiences as an owner. Her goal is to make sure that each project is completed efficiently, safely, and to the highest quality possible. Maggie supervises all office and administrative work, and is in charge of accounts payable. With a fierce work ethic and hospitable attitude Maggie hopes to create a dependable team atmosphere that strives for excellence. Maggie is also the proud mother of Rachel Holcomb.


Brittany has over 15 years of experience in financial management and accounts receivables. She serves as the director of administration at Catfish Construction and oversees office management including, but not limited to, payroll and onboarding. Due to her extensive knowledge in marketing and advertising, she also contributes to building the Catfish brand and creates graphics and logos for the company’s site and social presence. She joined Catfish Construction in 2020 and has since been a major pillar of the growth of the company. Brittany joining her sister, Rachel, and mom, Maggie, in the family business has been a proud moment.